Why Use a Smart Franking Machine?

Stamps cost more than franking machine prices. Smart technology franking machines royal mail services are the most cost effective and technology driven.

Royal Mail has invested £70 million developing their franking machine services and offer Mailmark post products to smart franking machine rental users alongside innovations which maximise tracking, visibility and reporting.

You can’t gain full benefits of Royal Mail services with an older franking machine.

Royal Mail and franking machine suppliers are tempting businesses away from stamps and mail franked with a crown and die.

Royal Mail services with smart franking machines and a 2-dimension barcode deliver VAT reclaim benefits. The machines will calculate the amount, what could be more convenient and time saving for you?

Although you may still be able to source a 2nd hand franking machine without these smart technology attributes all new machines are smart and therefore will be able to handle future Royal Mail services as they are rolled out.

The 2nd hand franking machines will become obsolete more quickly and they won’t be able to offer the reporting or visibility tools of their successors. New franking machine prices are competitive so you should be able to shun older model costs as ineffective.

2nd hand crown and die franking machines could mean a false economy on the hardware and in every day post terms too.

Here is an example that proves even small users can save money:

20 X 2nd class small envelopes weighing under 100 grams.

Mailmark: 37 pence X 20 = £7.40

Franked: 40 pence X 20 = £8.00

Stamps: 55 pence X 20 = £11.00

Smart franking machine prices with Mailmark save 18 pence for every stamp.

Can your business afford to lose money every month, year after year by using the traditional method? No? Then please speak to franking machine suppliers without delay.

Below are two smart franking machine examples. These allow users to take full advantage of Royal Mail services and fees. These are taken from IMS Franking Machines in Aldermaston’s stock list.

The FP Postbase Qi3: Low to medium usage

  • This is a smart technology franking machine.
  • VAT reclaim benefits.
  • Franks up to 30 letters per minute.
  • Exact postage charges every time.
  • A built in 3kg scale.
  • 4.3” colour screen for operation.
  • Label dispenser and letter tray.
  • 2 X USB ports allow operation via PC.
  • 1 X LAN/Ethernet port for PC operation.  
  • Supplied in 5 colours.

The IMS220: Medium use

  • Smart technology franking machine.
  • VAT reclaim benefits.
  • Franks up to 45 letters per minute.
  • Compact digital device.
  • User friendly.
  • 5kg integrated scale.
  • Differential weighing.
  • Maximum envelope thickness of 9.5mm.
  • Customised logos.
  • Add detailed messages.
  • Date stamps your incoming mail.
  • Capacity for 1-100 cost centres.

The message facilities permit free advertising so your franking can tell anyone who sees the envelope that your “Sale is now on!” or that it’s your “25th Anniversary.” That’s a helpful bonus that won’t nibble at the marketing budget.

Don’t procrastinate. Forsake stamps, embrace technology and economise today.

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