Why an Animated Explainer Video is a Startup’s Best Friend

Any entrepreneur putting up a startup does so with the aim of making it successful. Sadly, many startups fail. Astoundingly, three-quarters of all startups fail despite having the support of venture capital. Some fail because of lack of focus and motivation. Others fail because they receive advice from the wrong outlets. Many lack good mentorship. Strangely, failure could also be the result of ignorance regarding the role explainer videos play in all this.

An animated explainer video can be a startup’s best friend, as you will see below.

Explains business ideas in few seconds

A startup owner has to explain the idea(s) behind establishing the business. At times, words may fail. Explainer videos never fail. Use this type of video to let everybody you consider important to the success of your startup who you are. Use the video to let them know what your business does. Use this platform to explain the attributes that make your startup the best choice for anybody who needs the kind of products and services you offer.

More engaging visually and verbally

Startups need tools that help them to engage effectively with their target audience visually and verbally. Explainer video offers the chance to do just that. It enables startups to engage with their audiences’ auditory and visual senses. Startups face numerous challenges. One of these is winning the hearts, minds and wallets of their target audience. This video gives them a higher chance of winning and being successful.

Increase brand awareness

The most successful startups are the ones that carry themselves as brands from the beginning. With such a perspective, it’s vital for them to focus on increasing awareness. They should make themselves more visible on different platforms. Explainer videos help them in that regard. More importantly, the videos enable these brands to earn their customers’ trust, which is an essential tool for success in the highly competitive world of startups.

Mobile friendly

Explainer videos are mobile friendly. They are viewable on phones and tablets just as much as on laptops and desktops. Many of the emerging startups release mobile apps as their primary products when launching. Some prefer developing mobile apps to complement any strategy they wish to follow on their path to success. Videos allow all types of startups to promote their products more effectively. Videos are more attractive with an audience that:

  1. seems to be always on the move
  2. are serious multitaskers
  3. prefer brief and highly dynamic content

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