UL/CSA Cable Manufacturer

Quality Cables and Wires

Sycor Technology is a Canadian company based in Mississauga, Ontario, that has provided quality cables and wires to a number of organisations in a variety of industries since its founding in 1981. Its quality assurance team engages in several inspections and tests of its products to ensure that only top-quality ones leave its 40,000-square foot warehouse and are used throughout the world.

Certification Approval

This UL/CSA cable manufacturer has been certified by those two electronic safety certification agencies: Underwriters Laboratory and Canadian Standards Association. It also makes sure that cable assemblies are built just how the companies that it works with want, ensuring that the specifics of the request have been met.

Cables/Wires for Solar Energy

One area that Sycor Technology excels is in providing cables and wires for solar energy applications. These parts are important in ensuring that power is effectively transferred and that communication between the system’s varied parts is seamless. Its cables and wires being designed to handle harsh conditions helps ensure that they last long at a high level. As a result, the sun’s power is effectively transferred and powers all of the things that it can thanks to the latest developments in solar energy.

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