Turn Leads Into Sales With This Marketing Process

Many marketers would tell you that the most important and difficult aspect with marketing is to convert leads into sales. Today with marketing, certainly online or the internet has taken a large part of it. Nowadays we often call marketing “inbound marketing”.

But the truth is that the tactics of both inbound and outbound marketing have to work together to achieve your sales goals effectively.

Assume you have a method or a few channels to reach your potential prospects, and you have good ways to get them to leave you their contact details such as their email addresses. Before you have captured the email leads, you would have spent time doing these:

Identify the appropriate content strategy, and get your team to create the content to meet your requirements. The format of the content could be in photos, audio files, PDF files, videos, or text (i.e. Blog articles). This way, you will have the materials for content marketing.

Your team would have made use of search engine optimization to get your content ranked higher up the search engine results pages. The objective of this is to get more visibility from people who regularly use the search engines. Eventually some of these people are going to click on search results and land on to your website.

Your team would have spent time connecting and engaging with people on social media sites, and then applied social media marketing skills to spread the content to reach more people. Some people after seeing your content may click on the links that go with the content, and end up on your website.

You put up an industry whitepaper that is probably difficult to reject, and a portion of the people who land on your website would give you their email addresses in exchange for the wonderful whitepaper.

That’s all inbound marketing, because what you have done so far is using “content” to draw people on to your website.

The next immediate action is to actually apply outbound marketing.

People who have given you their email addresses may not immediately buy your products. You’ll need to nurture them, plant the ideas to them, and get them to believe they should take action to buy.

The “nurture” part takes time. To speed it up, outbound marketing such as outbound email marketing can be effective.

For the automation part, you’ll definitely need a tool or some tools. Let’s start with tools that tou can schedule some emails or a sequence of emails to be sent to the end users. For example, the tools may be one of these: ConstantContact, Aweber, or Mailchimp.

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