Tips You Can Use To Increase The Power Of Your Email Marketing

Some people succeed with their email campaigns and some fall short, which is natural. But what is the difference between successful email marketers and the ones that fail to live up to expectations? In order to answer that question, we need to study the “how” and “why” behind successful campaigns.

Here are a couple of tips to improve your chances of success with email marketing:

Clean up and verify your email lists

This is one of the first things marketers should do: clean your email lists from fake, spammy, invalid emails. If you do that, you will increase the efficiency of your lists and lower the cost of your email campaigns at the same time. You can try to do this manually, but it will take you a long time. It is recommended that marketers use an email verifier.

Try to achieve the proper audience targeting

A common mistake in email marketing is that people treat all their subscribers as the same. This is misguided and more effort should be put into segmenting your lists for different customer profiles, topics and goals. Some of your subscribers may have subscribed just for the promotions or just for one specific service, others may like a specific type of content on your site. You should get your hands on as much data as you can regarding your subscribers and use that to build different audiences for different campaigns.

Get personal with your subscribers

Try using your customer’s names in your campaigns as much as you can. When you personalize your emails, this shows that you went the extra mile to know your subscribers better. People like when you show respect by using their name, and tailoring emails to specific customer preferences based off of purchase history or location takes this practice a step further. This increases the chances of success for your email campaigns.

Simplicity is key

The concept of simplicity is very well known and it is popular because it works. Don’t use email templates that are too complicated and cluttered. Your emails should be clean and professional, right to the point. If your emails are looking too busy, flashy or overwhelming this might drive your subscribers away.

Keep the emails short

This tip adds up to the previous point. Compressing a foot of long text into a single email can overload your subscribers. You should try to use short paragraphs and short sentences. People usually don’t give emails their undivided attention, you have just a couple of seconds to get your points across. If you use copy that is too long, they will immediately lose interest in what you have to say, even if it is something they would find value in. You can include a couple of the main points and leave a link to a page which goes into more detail.

Always include CTA (call-to-action)

A CTA is important for any content that relies on the reader to take action. Always include text that encourages your readers to take a specific action. There are different types of CTAs that you can use depending on the goals of your email campaign. Otherwise, people might get confused about the point of your email and you can miss valuable opportunities.

The subject line is important

The subject line is probably the most important part of your email. It can have a massive impact on the success of your marketing campaign. It determines whether people will open your emails or not. Give special attention to it. The subject line should be honest, compelling and grab the attention of the readers. You should avoid cliché and spammy looking phrases. Get your creativity going and figure out a subject line that piques interest, but also doesn’t give false information or expectations.

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