The best technology to have in your home!

Smart technology has led to bringing us a smart life. The gadgets and tools today are aided with such technology that helps us stay safe, intelligent and stress-free. With the help of some advanced forms of devices we can manage life better, be on schedule, avoid the chaos and take care of our surroundings to the utmost. Therefore, whether it is about checking the energy consumption in the house, opening the door to the neighbours or just taking care of the pets that are alone in the house – we’ve got it all covered with the best technology to have in your home. Here are some of the technology aided devices that are best for your home with discount code on purchase online at Dealvoucherz !

  1.    Nest Hello Doorbell

Forget about shouting from behind the door or keep wondering that you will miss out on visitors when you are away from home; the Nest Hello Doorbell allows you to keep track of the visitors even when you are miles apart. The doorbell is equipped with a video camera, voice control and more features that are connected to your cell phone via an application. This way when someone rings your door you can see them on your phone, talk to them and take the necessary decisions! The doorbell helps you keep your home safe while allowing folks in even when you aren’t there!

  1.    Curved TV sets

The technology has led to not just smart TVs which help you save your favourite programs offline but also help you watch it from any angle you want. These curved TV sets are perfect for viewing from corners of the house while finishing off your tasks too. So be it kitchen, the dining or just keeping up with your baby walking around – there shall be no hindrance in getting the right view from the TV.

  1.    Google Home

Google recently launched its Home optimisation device which acts as your assistant at home. New promotions roll out to saying that when you command Google something, it does it right away. Whether it’s about playing music, turning on the lights, doing a search, reading out a message, check emails, tell the recent news, say a joke or even post something for you – Just ‘Ok Google’ it and it shall be done!

  1.    Home automation systems

There are a variety of things to be taken care of at home. Every morning when you are rushing off to work, it is entirely possible to miss out on a thing or two. Therefore, the home automation systems come into play. These systems pair with the home devices and help you in switching on/off the AC, TV, lights, doors etc. in just a touch of your screen. What’s more exciting is that even when you are at home you don’t have to move from where you are sitting and you can still open doors, get your water ready, brew your coffee etc. Smart gadgets support smart people!

  1.    Smart lights

Lights play an essential role in defining our moods and therefore can be controlled with the best technology today. The smart lights work on your command or sometimes just with the clap of your hands. For each time you make the gesture the settings change from bright, dim, normal, romantic and more options. The lights even fade to dim if the space is empty for more than half an hour. It helps save energy too!

  1.    Wireless sound system

If you like music, then audio systems are a must in your home. But with technology, the hobby takes a leap that makes the experience unbound. The wireless sound system powered by Bluetooth enables you to play music with your phone or even connect it to the laptop, so that unhindered music keeps on playing anywhere and everywhere. This also helps shift the music system wherever you want and even when there is no electricity in the house. These systems have made even travelling with high-quality sound systems easier.

  1.    Fitness bands

Fitness freaks have a new way of looking at health & that is through their very own fitness trackers. The fitness bands come in the form of a watch which has a pedometer, activity trackers etc. which keep an eye on your body movements, sleep patterns and more. This way you are always able to keep a check on the activity done, set goals for the daily workouts and keep up with your regular fitness routine.

  1.    Run earphones

Don’t you love music in your ears? The wireless run earphones are the perfect addition that helps you keep music on while not jumbling with the wires. So, when you are running the new technology run earphones stay intact in your ears, and you don’t have to worry about tangling your hands with the wires. These work on Bluetooth and can even change tracks with just a touch. You can be on calls while driving, attend lectures while sitting in a park and also listen to the updates while there is high noise around.

Today a smart home isn’t just about smart living but also including best technology to have in your home. These gadgets improve the quality of life, helps you keep track of lifestyle and stay updated! The gadgets also go on to making your smart home that makes your living comfortable and safe for the people. So, whether it’s leaving the children/pets at home alone or taking care of energy resources – the technology assists you!

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