Revealed: The Importance of Social Media in Mobile App Development Process

There are more than 3 millions of mobile applications in the app market, but still, users spend 29% of their smartphone time on Social media. Tensed? Wondering how to attract users to your brand app? How to beat the popular social networking apps to reach your target audience?

Well, you need not compete with Social media platforms. Rather, you just have to use the magic of social media technology to get the best profit out of your mobile app development process. Keeping the same point into consideration, we will discuss how beneficial is to embrace social media for app development companies in this article.

Benefits of Social Media for Mobile App Development

Although there are several advantages of integrating social media into the mobile application development process, the best picks are:-

Seamless Connectivity

During mobile app development, it is necessary to remain connected with your end users and determine their behavior and expectations throughout. Otherwise, you might end up building an app that no one wants in the current period. In this context, social media can be a handy tool to use. It keeps you in touch with the audience and helps to understand the changing market trends.

Better Brand Awareness

Trust me, creating an epic application is not enough to rule the market. You need to create a hype in the market. You need to make the users aware of your application, your brand to gain the desired ROI. This is where social media can help. The social media marketing can help in creating awareness among the audience, target the right user base, and make them excited your application so that when your app launches, your app gains millions of downloads.

Exceptional Customer Satisfaction

By implementing social media tools for marketing your application, you can keep the end users hooked with your app. You can better understand their needs, share your app idea, ask for their feedback, and make changes accordingly. This scenario makes them feel like an important part of the process, and thus,  boost the customer satisfaction level.

As customer engagement and satisfaction is the biggest challenge faced by mobile app developers these days, this facility of social media is commendable.

Higher Conversion Rate

Social media pave the way for better conversion. It enables you to rule the minds of the target audience by sharing quality content, screenshots of your app, ‘behind the scene’ videos, tutorials, reviews, polls, and other such items. It makes it easier to add a pinch of human nature into the mobile app development process. All this makes the customers connected and prompt them to download your app, once it is launched. In other words, social media marketing leads to higher conversion rate.


Unlike other mobile application marketing programs, social media application marketing is a cost-efficient strategy. Here, you just need to create a profile on different social networking platforms, which is often free of cost and promote your brand. Besides, social media offers you multiple services under the same roof, including but not restricted to market research, customer support, brand marketing, sales, etc. This way, the platform empowers you to invest in different practices and enjoy massive ROI within your shoestring budget.

Now, as you know the importance of social media for mobile app development, don’t waste a single moment. Add social media marketing to your task list and enjoy better ROI.

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