Mobile Refrigeration Options and Solutions for Catering Companies

Do you own a catering company? Are you looking for a solution to your refrigeration needs that is mobile, cheap and cost effective? If you own a catering business, then we are sure that you have had past issues with refrigeration while running an event or gala. There is nothing worse than all your perishable products going to waste because of a lack of refrigeration. That’s why we invented a solution that can offer you exactly what you need from refrigeration, a solution that offers mobility, control and the best quality refrigeration that can be found on the market today.

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With our mobile refrigeration units, you now have the opportunity to hire not buy your refrigeration needs. This will assist your annual budget and greatly reduce costs as you only need to hire the unit for the exact date and times that you need it, thereby eliminating downtime for the unit and saving you a bundle of money in your annual operating costs. Another great advantage of hiring your mobile refrigeration unit is that you will no longer have to worry yourself with the storage and maintenance expense involved. Re-gassing and maintaining the unit is handled by our top professional technicians and we make sure that the unit is in full working order before we send it out to a client for their event. We realise the importance of refrigeration and we understand that if perishable goods are not kept cold, then they will spoil and ruin not only the event, but your company’s reputation as well, not to mention the expense of the spoiled goods on top of everything as well. When it comes to perishable goods, there is no room for error and no excuse for a faulty refrigeration unit, your client won’t care about your equipment issues, all they care about is the success of their event and having the food spoil before its served is a sure fire way to make sure the event bombs and your client never calls you again, except to slander you on Yelp.

So it all makes sense that you should make sure that your refrigeration specialists are just that, specialists and that they have an established track record in the business with good referrals from past clients. This will help you make an informed decision that guarantees the success of your event or gala evening. Do not leave this critical factor up to chance, make sure that you have a reputable and experienced refrigeration supplier and that they are able to deliver when you require them to. Make sure that you have everything booked well in advance of planning your event, usually a waiting period of three to four days’ notice is enough grace and lead time to make sure that you get the mobile refrigeration unit that you need for your event. Make sure that the company has great customer service, give their call centre a ring and ask to speak to a consultant and see what kind of mannerism and professionalism that they give to you over the phone, this will speak volumes about the service delivery of the company.  

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