Information and use of bubbler

With the increasing popularity of several smoking mediums it is becoming really difficult to choose one which can harm you less. In that case bubbler is today’s modern type of smoking medium that causes less harm to our lungs, brain and other body parts that are very sensitive. It is a glass made instrument and we can carry it to other places too, it similar to hookah that are used in Indian villages for smoking medium by some old men. It is available in many collections which also give you many verities it depends on you what type of design and volume you want.

Equipments used for bubbler

It is made up of glass usually and the most important parts of it are water pipe, smoking pipe and the biggest part of bubbler is its water containing hollow type body. In this smoking medium we fill water in its water chamber which is used in it for filtration of smoke that comes from tobacco. It is very flexible for smokers to smoke because a hand pipe is also given in it and the smoke pipe’s length varies in every piece, if the smoke pipe is long then you can put it on table and can use it comfortably.

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Uses of bubbler

If we compare bubbler to bongs then we will find many similarities in both, both have the water pipe and a water chamber is also present and its uses are given below that specify it more clearly.

  • It is the modern medium of smoking that is used in many countries.
  • It is less harmful if we compare it to other smoking mediums.
  • It is air pollution free means no extra smoke is released by it .
  • You can easily carry it to other places too.
  • It is similar to bong and a hand pipe make it more easy to use

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