iAm Marketing Talks About The Role of Marketing in Today’s Firms

Marketing is often considered to be a collection of activities which is undertaken by the firm to relay productivity to its market. Marketing in the today’s perspective goes beyond its instant role as a procedure through which exchange of goods and services occur and is viewed as an essential part of the total system which provides the support within which activities take place.

Professionals at iAm Marketing talks about the role of marketing

When it comes to the Marketing Department of a firm, it plays a vital role in endorsing the business and mission of a business. It serves as the look of the company, producing and coordinating all materials on behalf of the business. The main job of the marketing department is to reach out to customers, investors and the community, and create an overarching image that signifies the company in an optimistic light.

iAm Marketing gathers and offers marketing solutions and expert services to start on, grow or expand the direct sales business. The main objective of marketing is to recognize and please specific customer requirements by way of definite products or services; in which lays the key to profit. Depending on the company, the responsibilities of the Marketing Department may include the following:

  • It helps to define and manage the brand of the company
  • Marketing proactively recognizes the products and services to pay attention on the course of sales cycle, and then manufacture materials and communications that can be apt for the organization.
  • It is the responsibility of the marketing department to create the materials that describe and promote the core products and services, and keep them current as those products and services develop.
  • Marketing should add to, maintain and manage the social media pages and accounts and cautiously watch what is being posted about the company online.
  • Marketing is usually accountable for choosing and managing the vendors and agencies that produce marketing materials and offer marketing support. These may include print vendors, ad agencies, Web providers, PR agencies or specialists, etc.

Professionals at iAm Marketing states that at the managerial level, marketing is a very important business function that is essential in almost all industries whether the organization functions as a profit or as a non profit firm. For the profit organization, marketing is accountable for most tasks that bring income and, expectantly, profits to an organization. For the non profit organization, marketing is liable to attract the customers required to support the not for profit’s mission, such as sustaining a cause or raising donations. For both types of organizations, it is not likely they can continue to exist without a strong marketing effort.

The marketing process thus helps to bring together consumers and producers for exchange of the product. It is prejudiced by government laws, competition and policies, consumer advocates and media of communication. The marketing manager is a blender of all marketing elements and makes a mix of all the marketing resources and elements.

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