How to Clean Up a WordPress Site?

Today we are looking at how to clean up a WordPress site. If you are running a WordPress website or a personal blog, you may find this article useful.

You may need to clean up your WordPress Website because your site grows over time and you think it’s the right time to change your theme, add new plugins, users, new content, and more. We recommend you to periodically go through your site and perform basic clean up regularly.

Clean Up WordPress Site

It is the right time to spend some time cleaning up your site. By clearing out unnecessary things from your site, you could make your site faster and SEO friendly. 

Delete Unwanted Plugins and Themes

The first thing you should do is delete unwanted Plugins and Themes. We know Themes and Plugins are excellent resources that help you to customize your site more beautiful and powerful. Don’t add dozens of Plugins and Themes because this will slow down your website also it can put unnecessary strain on your site.

Go to your WordPress site now and look which Plugins are needed and which are useless. Also, check all the themes. If you don’t actually need all of them.

Make Sure Everything is Updated

To run a clean and fast website, you should update everything. Enure that you have updated WordPress to the latest version. Also, check your Plugins and Themes are updated. They can have security holes, create compatibility errors and this may help Hackers get into your site. So make sure that everything on your site is up-to-date.

Delete Unwanted Media Files

Media files such as Images, Videos, and Audio Files will take a lot of space. These kinds of files may slow down your site. We recommend you to find and delete unwanted media files permanently from your website. You can delete them manually or with the help of Plugins. Every time you delete a piece of content, it’s smart to remove files attached to that content. Also, we recommend you to Optimize Images.

Complete Clean-Up – If Necessary

If you are looking to clean up your website completely, you won’t need to do that manually. You can use WP Reset Plugin that helps you to reset your site in one-click. 

Hope these tips help you to clean up your WordPress site easily.

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