How Tekmetric Auto Repair Software Can Improve The Customer Experience

When a person finds their vehicle in need of repair, it can be stressful. Not only are they wondering what is wrong with their vehicle, but they also wonder what will happen once it arrives at the repair shop. Since many people know little about auto repair, they feel as if they may pay for unnecessary repairs. Rather than let this happen to your customers, invest in auto repair software by Tekmetric. When you do, your capabilities for increased customer service will expand substantially, as will your ability to run a more efficient shop. If this sounds interesting, here are some details to keep in mind.

Greater Trust
To have a successful auto repair business, you must always have high levels of trust with your customers. To accomplish this, Tekmetric auto repair software lets service technicians and service advisers work closely together to help determine what needs to be done to a vehicle. By taking advantage of the software’s capabilities, technicians can use digital vehicle inspection to not only learn what specific services were last performed on a vehicle, but also take photos of broken or worn out parts on a vehicle and send them to a customer’s smartphone, tablet, or computer. This leaves no doubt in the customer’s mind that the repairs being suggested need to be done, ultimately creating a much higher level of trust.

Staff Efficiency
Along with building greater trust with customers, using Tekmetric auto repair software to conduct digital vehicle inspections also leads to much better staff efficiency. In many instances, service advisers may suggest repairs or procedures be done on a vehicle that technicians may call into question. However, by being able to conduct digital vehicle inspections using the software, both the advisers and technicians can pinpoint exactly what needs to be done to the vehicle. By taking any guesswork out of the process, both the service advisers and technicians can make quicker and more precise decisions about each vehicle, allowing more repairs to be done on a daily basis.

All-Purpose Auto Repair Software
While Tekmetric auto repair software is used for digital vehicle inspection, it also has many other capabilities that make it invaluable to any auto repair business. For example, since keeping much-needed parts in stock at all times is very important, Tekmetric’s software allows shops to carefully manage their inventory by automatically providing shop personnel with instant updates when inventory levels become low. Along with this, the software can also send a job status message to a customer, letting them know when their vehicle will be ready for pickup. And to make things even easier, it can also send repair estimates or invoices to customers via email to mobile devices or computers, making the payment process that much easier for everyone.

High-Tech Auto Repair
Since many of today’s vehicles are considered to be essentially computers with wheels, it only makes sense for today’s auto repair shops to use the most advanced software available in the industry. From making it far easier for technicians to determine the necessary repairs for a vehicle to giving customers proof of what needs to be done to their vehicle, Tekmetric auto repair software can be the key to unlocking your repair shop’s path to greater success. Therefore, now is the best time to visit to request a free trial of this innovative software. By doing so, you’ll quickly see the vast capabilities of the software, and wonder how you ever got along without it each day. To get started, visit their website, click on “Request Demo,” and get your business on the road to success.

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