Franchise Marketing Software that Maximizes Your Business

Franchise marketing software is what your business needs to thrive. Your business’ website is the focus of your marketing, but with our set of open source tools, you can watch your conversion rates and search engine ratings increase dramatically. We offer a wide range of software solutions that will help your business increase its success.

Our software looks carefully at your website, uploads sitemaps to Google, establishes rules for optimization, provides restore and backup SEO editions, and scale through a one-stop cloud-based software solution.

We also provide a program that sends messages out automatically to all your company’s social networks. This will better empower your business to check its reputation, how its competitors are doing, and sales opportunities across several social networks. You have to manage your company’s community in today’s globalized environment, and you can do that easily with our social posts scheduler and tools to send out your posts to multiple social media accounts. You can also see how your company is faring compared to others in your market.

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You want your business’ news to get into all the right hands, and you can easily send out public relations posts to newsmakers, journalists, bloggers, important print media, and content aggregators. Our software is compliant with Yahoo’s and Google News’ strict news requirements so that your company reaps the reward of large traffic from these important sources.

With our software that concentrates on marketing effectiveness, you can see leads from the Web or phone and what people buy from your site on one screen. You can listen to sales calls and download the recordings. You can also send text messages directly to your sales staff when a potential lead becomes available. With the data we put at your fingertips, you can see where most of your company’s business comes from and if there are other areas (perhaps in-bound call representative training) where you need to focus to improve your marketing strategies.

Using our plug-and-play e-commerce software, you can easily design your store in a short amount of time. You can integrate everything from customer service to couponing.

Finally, our automated email system can send emails and texts when customers abandon carts or based on their previous purchases. You can also build marketing campaigns from leads and opportunity profiles.

Our franchise marketing software solutions cover all the important aspects of saving time, tracking your business’ reputation, engaging with customers online, converting leads, and more.

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