Compelling Video Animation- Tips to Engage Your Audience

You must have heard the famous phrases that a picture worth a thousand words, however, a video speaks a billion words. The massive success of animated video depicts from the survey reporting that by 2020, more than 80% of the online content will be delivered through a video content. It’s more like a wakeup call to those who are still thinking to pursue their career in this field. A number of animated companies have surfaced themselves to offer fascinating videos that are compelling and interesting. If you want to learn the tricks and techniques to make your video content captivating here is a small guide summarized below:

Create a Foundation for Your Video

To ensure that your video is according to the specifications provided to you, create a foundation for your animation. You have to first understand the criteria and purpose of the video after that you can go for underlying the key points that you must include. Craft a sketch of the entire video as to how it will begin and where will it end.

Know your Audience

The purpose of creating an animated video is to connect its viewers with the content. If you manage to hold and sustain the attention of the target audience you can be sure to make a huge turnaround from the video. Now to connect with your audience you must understand them first. You should know what they think about the service you are about to resent and know there needs as well. Pinpoint the areas that can trigger emotions in them and that can challenge their gut like making them say, “I want to have it”. Once you succeed in doing so the rest will happen automatically.

Add Appeal

The basics of creating a video are to deliver a message or make the viewer understand the process of a product or service. Normally videos explain a service in brief or educate viewers about the working of a product. Now how can you add appeal in it? You can create a combination of live action and animation. Use guidelines and animate the object using overlaid graphics or cartoon interspersals. Animate the entire process or draw pictures that demonstrate the functionality of the product.  This will not only hold their attention but will add credibility to your work too.

Work On the Design Theme

No matter how good your animation is but you need to ponder on the design elements too including color selection or theme of the video. A video with dull colors will not be motivational enough to make viewers dig deep into it. They will be least interested to give it to check it. This will create a negative influence on your overall efforts.

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