Blog Etiquette and 4 Simple Steps Every Blogger Must Know

Today, technology allows everyone to actively participate in the world of communication and blogging. But posting a blog or adding comments on a blog involves etiquette that any blogger should know and understand. Blog etiquette a blogger or commenter should learn about is the appropriate use of language. No matter what your etiquette might be, you still likely have no excuses for not starting a blog of your own.

The type of language used by people just because they feel they are anonymous can be very disturbing. If a person would treat a blog post or comment as if they were talking to someone they cared for, most of the comments and posts would not exist. The most common issues involving posts and comments are rude, unrefined and offensive language. For some, the use of such language on blog posts or comments are making them feel powerful. But it is very important for bloggers to understand that there are audience on the internet of all ages, ethnicities, opinions and genders. By not using inappropriate language, the posts and comments of people would contribute to blog etiquette.

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In addition to appropriate language, bloggers should also realize that some subjects are not accepted easily by the mass as public information. If you have noticed, more controversial subjects are generating more traffic and comments. But the problem with these posts is most of the comments are contradictory to the post. You certainly would not want them to stay on your blog page. Many bloggers though allow even contradictory comments.

But it is not possible to have meaningful communication without receivers, senders, feedback and messages. If feedback is eliminated, meaningful communication would be eliminated as well. When submitting a post or comment, bear in mind that it is a public conversation. In case the information you want to contribute is not fit to the blog post, you better post or add a comment somewhere else.

By ensuring that your post or comment really contributes the conversation, your blog will surely promote good blog etiquette.

Blogs contain any sort of information but the most successful ones are those containing accurate information. One key point to remember when posting or commenting is accuracy. Blogs naturally, are opinion based but opinions must be based as well on accuracy. If you keep on posting inaccurate information, you will be losing your credibility and as a result, you will also lose your readers or subscribers.

You can limit your credibility if you become a spammer. Posting links to other blogs as a way of promoting your business or yourself is not correct because it does not contribute to the conversation. People spamming on other blog posts have nothing to contribute to the conversation.

Also, when using information directly from other blogs to yours, make sure to give a credit. It would be wonderful to see that others are recognizing your post as credible information. If the original writer did not receive credit for the post, a theft of information occurs. Make sure to accurately post and comment. Avoid spamming and finally, give credit to the writer who deserves it so you won’t step someone else’s food and get into trouble.

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