ArchiverFS-inexpensive Archiving Solution

Have you ever wondered why there is still an absence of tackling years of old files that have built up on your file server? Why do all available solutions revolve around in a way to control a database when it is fundamentally a file system issue? Try ArchiverFS to get solutions to all your problems, just click here.

ArchiverFS performs in a structured way and at the level of file system to migrate all your old and unused files to second tier storage. The best thing is that this otherwise complicated process is executed without pointers to file, storing file, and even file metadata in a database. By using this archiving software, you can get access to seamless stubs that can be left in the place of old files once the process of migration is completed. In addition to this, you will get access to the unique ability of compressing files once they have been archived along with wonderful options to control file migration such as by file age, type, size, etc.

It does not matter whether your old files are less than 1 TB in size or multiple Petabytes, ArchiverFS can help you save big money on backups by minimizing the amount of data you back up. It can also cut down the restoration times in the case of a disaster and also helps you meaningfully free up more space on the expensive first line storage. ArchiverFS also assists you to ensure compliance with the related legislation in your country or region regarding the preservation of information.

All these advantages make ArchiverFS a superior choice as compared to the other available options. These distinctive benefits lower the RAM, CPU, and IO requirements to make ArchiverFS get characterized by agent free operation, massive scalability, unmatched cost efficiency, and compatibility with many technologies such as de-duplication and DFS.

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