A cloud storage system designed for family or small business

Whether you are looking for individual purpose, for family or for a small business use, Zexabox is the perfect data storage center for you to discard the limitations, risk and cost factors that come along with drop box, Google drive etc. This is a network attached storage device, NAS, that offers decentralized storage system that serves you by securing all your data without showing it to any other frame works and allows to share information to the members of your home or business. The plug and play device allows you to secure all the data that is kept in different devices like thousands of songs and photos and hundreds of movies. It manages to control your digital life and the need of technical experts. It can be worked by plugging the cable and install to connect the internet. Research the kick starter campaign and you can store, sync and share files anywhere.

Some features are:

An affordable exclusive solution – this is created by cloud storage system that works with government, institutions and large businesses. It is a platform that allows individuals, families and small business to enjoy the special features that are similar to those offered by the large companies. It is cost-effective as you don’t have to pay monthly.

Keep your digital data secured – you can download all the digital content from your phones, computer, hard device and other storage solutions that you are using and upload it to the device having a trusted network. It makes sure that your data is kept safe and can easily access it at any time and from anywhere.

Get points in reward when data shares safely – when files or data is shared securely, it offers winning points in return. By sharing spare capacity of your digital device, you are renting your internet and computer capacities.

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