4 Ways Online Businesses Sink Their Sales Despite Their “Perfect Product”

Are businesses today only as good as their products?

Although some might argue “yes,” there are so many other factors at play which determine whether or not any given online sinks of floats.

This is especially true online where competition is fierce and even the smallest details could cause someone to bounce to a competitor.

Many of these factors boil down to marketing. Others are based on whether or not your business stays in line with the best practice of your respective industry.

Reality check: even if you have the “perfect” product in the eyes of your target audience, your success online isn’t guaranteed. Check out our list of the following snafus that face so many online businesses today and what you can do to ensure you aren’t falling prey to these mistakes.

Regulatory Missteps

Reciprocity Labs notes that a lack of compliance is a “sure way to lose business in this day and age.” In the face of the GDPR era and a growing concern over customer data, staying in step with regulatory requirements is an absolute must-do. After all, your product means very little if people can’t trust you with their data, right?

Total Lack of a Quality Social Following

Many companies have taken a stubborn stance when it comes to social media. That said, a social following signals your business’ influence and willingness to interact with an audience. Businesses that stay totally “silent” tend to be seen as either out of touch or simply inactive.

Don’t make the mistake of buying fake followers to boost your numbers, though. More often than not we’re seeing more companies purge low-quality social followers because they don’t want to be seen as spammers.

The solution for many businesses is to focus their efforts on one platform whether it be Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. As long as you have some sort of presence, you have a simple point of contact for customers without sinking all of your time.

No Reviews or “Hard Proof”

We live in a world where 88% of online consumers trust reviews as much as they do personal recommendations. If you don’t have people out there singing your business’ praises, you’re naturally going to struggle to provide the proof that your product is worth their time.

Again, this is why social media can be a valuable avenue to curate and show off positive customer feedback. Meanwhile, providing incentives in forms of deals and discounts in exchange for honest reviews from existing customers is also fair game to kickstart your proof campaign.

Amateurish Design

If your online presence looks like it came out of a box, people will treat it as such. Don’t be afraid to splash cash on a designer to help you take your storefront and site out of template territory. This also rings true when it comes to your business’ logo and copy: when in doubt, it’s worthwhile to hire a professional.

No matter how you slice it, having the “perfect” product on paper can’t totally keep a business afloat that isn’t paying attention to the fine details of marketing and positioning. The good news? If you’re able to tune up these elements of your business and user experience online, you’ll set yourself up for more sales ASAP.

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